Secure your vehicle, urges ASP Jackson
February 28, 2012
Secure your vehicle, urges ASP Jackson

With a number of vehicle thefts being reported in recent times, head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Assistant Superintendent of Police Elton Jackson is beseeching motor vehicle owners to be more cautious about where they park their vehicles.{{more}}

In the latter part of 2011, a number of complaints were lodged at CID concerning vehicle theft. However, Jackson dispelled claims that there is an upsurge in vehicle theft.

“If there was an upsurge, we would know about it; but that is definitely not the case, we would have noticed something,” Jackson told SEARCHLIGHT in a telephone interview.

Jackson advised vehicle owners to desist from parking their vehicles in isolated areas; rather they should use car parks and well lighted areas.

“Ensure that your vehicles are locked properly; ensure that you take the keys out of the ignition…,” Jackson advised.

The CID head said while vehicle theft can still happen in lighted areas, the likelihood of it taking place is slim.

“If you park your vehicles in the areas that are dark, there is a higher chance of your vehicle being stolen or broken into,” Jackson highlighted.

“Security of your vehicle is very important and if possible, install alarm systems,” Jackson advised.

The CID head also indicated that he is not aware of any vehicles that were stolen and have not been returned.

“We have to be security conscious. We are not living in paradise, unfortunately. We have bad people living among us and we can’t let their operations be easy; we have to make life difficult for them…,” Jackson said.(KW)