Yanik Cyrus dies at 21
February 14, 2012
Yanik Cyrus dies at 21

An autopsy is to be carried out into the cause of death of a 21-year-old Campden Park resident.{{more}}

According to reports, Yanik Cyrus was enjoying a soak at the Questelles beach last Sunday, when he was observed struggling to get to shore.

“He was in the water earlier, healthy and everything was good, then suddenly we saw him struggling to come out the water,” one eyewitness told SEARCHLIGHT.

Others present at the time speculated that the young man drowned after having an epileptic fit.

One person explained that at first, no one really realized that Cyrus was in need of assistance.

“No one realized what happen and by the time people rush to help him, he was already frothing from his mouth. It seem like he couldn’t breathe and no one knew what to do, so they call for help.”

The eye-witness further noted that several minutes after Cyrus had been rushed to the hospital, police arrived at the scene and informed them that the young man had died.

The Police Public Relations Department informed SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that an autopsy is being carried out on Cyrus’ body to determine the cause of death.(AA)