First Citizens holds Financial Planning seminar
January 31, 2012
First Citizens holds Financial Planning seminar

The first in a series of seminars to be conducted by First Citizens Investment Services (FCIS), was held this week.{{more}}

Participants from various walks of life, all interested in making sound financial decisions, gathered at the Frenches House in Frenches on Tuesday, January 24, to hear from local FCIS Branch Manager Norlann Gabriel, who presented on the topic ‘Financial Planning: save, invest, create wealth, have you started?’

During her presentation of over one hour, Gabriel discussed with the participants among other issues, the financial planning process, budgeting, tax, investment, insurance and retirement planning, along with principles of debt management.

Tuesday’s Seminar, and the more than ten others that have been earmarked to be held this year, are geared to help the participants get going on the road to financial well-being for 2012 and beyond, according to Gabriel.

The financial institution, which was established in Trinidad and Tobago, has been around since 2000. It set up shop in St Vincent and the Grenadines in 2008.

The bank is regarded as the highest rated indigenous institution in the Caribbean, and is involved in capital market services, stock brokerage and research, and wealth management, among other services.

Up to one dozen seminars have been scheduled to take place this year, along with a budget review, slated for some time soon.

FCIS held similar workshops last year, which were deemed successful.(JJ)