Burglars rip off Sharpes resident’s door
January 31, 2012
Burglars rip off Sharpes resident’s door

Etchron Prince is trying to figure out how burglars were able to rip off half his kitchen door, while he slept, during the wee hours of last Sunday morning.{{more}}

Prince, a resident of Redemption Sharpes said he got out of bed at about 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, January 29, to drink some water, only to find an unidentified person in his home.

Prince, a barber by profession, told SEARCHLIGHT that the burglar entered the one bedroom apartment by ripping off the top half of the two-piece kitchen door.

“I can’t believe this. I just can’t. It’s just unbelievable; just unbelievable how someone or persons can take off hinges off people door and walk in like is their place.

“Imagine me and my girl in bed sleeping and we heard nothing! I can’t believe it. I came out saying I going to drink some water and is when I must have told my girl I going out in the kitchen, they must have heard me and ran,” an upset Prince said.

Prince explained that both hinges of the top half of the kitchen door were removed and the door placed on the ground outside in the porch area.

“Dread, the hinges had three nails in each of them and it ain’t easy to take off them so easy. These people are good, but they lucky too, because if I did catch him or they, I don’t know how it would have played out,” he stated.

Nothing was stolen from Prince’s apartment, but two pairs of his neighbour’s sneakers were stolen from under the porch, during the same incident.

“They took my pardna two shoes while the man and his family inside sleeping and come round by me and rip off my kitchen door to come rob me too.

“What bothers me is how they take off the door and no one heard anything. It’s just unbelievable!”

Prince said the matter was reported to the police and officers arrived on the scene just a few minutes after he had placed a 911 call. He said statements were taken by the officer.

As a result, Prince is urging other persons not to fall victim to the “highly skilled” burglars as he described them.

“We all have to be so careful. It’s like you can’t sleep in peace in your own home anymore. I am just advising persons to be on the alert and don’t take anything for granted these days, because this place has fencing all around and they still come in the yard and try robbing hard working honest people,” Prince stated.