Questelles students rewarded  for their outstanding performance
January 17, 2012
Questelles students rewarded for their outstanding performance

Once again, students of the Questelles Government School are the beneficiaries of the generosity of Brenda Mckenzie.{{more}}

Mckenzie, though slightly under the weather, was able to muster up sufficient energy during the Christmas season to bring good cheer to the Questelles students. This time she was only able to donate four back packs filled with pencils, crayons, erasers, sharpeners and notebooks, but this brightened up the lives of some 20 children.

The faces of Azika Young, Lenika Henry, Warren Lewis and Rasheka Bailey lit up as their Christmas season got an extension when their names were called during the General Assembly on Friday, January 13, to be the recipients of the packed back packs. Yes, it was one of those Black Fridays for them when good things came in book bags.

At the end of the summative first term examinations, 16 students from grades 1-6 achieved excellent results. They obtained averages of over 90 per cent. This was normal activity for these students, but this time they were rewarded by the school for their outstanding achievement. Jonice Hamlett, Jessie and Jessica Jones, Jimar Jack, J’soni Isaacs, Laron Jones, Adiah Holder, Kimonique Foye, Phernondus Charles, Phernon Charles, Deonté John, Jamal Williams, Kelly-ann Kelly, Jaden Thomas, Ariel Ollivierre and Lenroy Simmons were all smiles when they received a token gift of a notebook, pencils, erasers and sharpeners for their exceptional effort.

All of these gifts were the kind donations of Brenda Mckenzie. The Principal, staff, students, parents and guardians of the Questelles Government School thank Brenda Mckenzie for her generous donation. May God continue to richly bless and prosper you and all your good efforts.