Fashion-Forward Osborne presents ‘Wadada’ jewelry line
January 10, 2012
Fashion-Forward Osborne presents ‘Wadada’ jewelry line

Passionate about fashion and accessories is Shari Ollivierre-Osborne of Bequia. The talented self-taught jewelry designer believes that jewelry is an art form that has the power to create moods, provoke opinions and produce reactions.{{more}} This is the design philosophy that Bequia’s very own modern fashion jewelry designer follows when creating and developing her own unique collection of FASHION-FORWARD costume/fashion jewelry.

Wadada Beads is the name of her jewelry line. “Wadada”, in Ethiopian Amharic means “LOVE”; hence her love for beads. Her love; obsession and craze for beads has forced her to introduce her talent to the world. Her collection goes way beyond the norm and consists of bold statement pieces that are sure to command attention and add a little rock ’n’ roll to any wardrobe from bohemian to the gothic, the demure to the outrageous. She offers a variety of diverse looks that can complement any style.

Wadada’s choice of colors/textures and beads is sure to turn heads at any event. Her inspiration: “I love all things that allow me to express my creativity in my daily signature style. I just grew weary of spending a lot of money for accessories that “everyone” was wearing, or that didn’t properly fit my versatility.

Shari, the mastermind behind her own jewelry business, prides herself in crafting each piece with intricate detail, so her clients truly feel special when they put on one of her designs. Her jewelry is cutting edge and is a welcome alternative to the mass-produced, cookie-cutter jewelry lines on the market today.

Since launching her jewelry in November 2010, she has had massive support from the public. She is encouraging every designer to pursue their dream; the sky is the limit.

Shari is also a supporter and a member of the non-profit organization group on Facebook, LOVSVG (Leave out violence in SVG) which Nailah John has started in Canada to bring St Vincent and the Grenadines together to eradicate the violence in this country. She would like to encourage all Vincentians to support local Bequia poet Dillion Ollivierre, who has also joined the group and has been donating his powerful poems and time to the group.

Shari aims to take her talent to the sky and is hoping the Vincentian public will continue to show her the support.

She can be contacted via her Facebook page:; 1784-532-6321; or simply type in Wadada beads in the search bar on Facebook.