LIME lifetime winners: 9 more to go
December 30, 2011
LIME lifetime winners: 9 more to go

Sergeant Garfield Thomas was the happiest policeman when he received the news last Wednesday that he is the latest LIME LIFETIME winner.{{more}} After four weeks of this exciting LIME LIFETIME promotions, six more winners are now confirmed to have won LIFETIME prizes, which brings the total to eleven out of twenty one. This week’s other confirmed winners are Delson Hamilton of Gibson Corner, Randolph Franklyn of Arnos Vale, Shelinda Cyrus-Nero of New Montrose, Asbert Garnes of Canouan and Godwin Daniel of Arnos Vale..

While the LIFETIME winners spread far and wide across the island, it was easy to take the surprise to Sgt Thomas who works in the office of the Commissioner of Police, just a few meters away from the LIME Halifax Street Office. The Brighton Village resident who won his prize because he paid his bill in full has mobile, Internet and fixed line services from LIME and has chosen to accept the prize of FREE internet services for the rest of his life. For this he will not pay his monthly recurring charge and FREE one Mg Internet service for 40 years.

By the time the LIME team made their way to the Commissioner’s office to meet the lucky Sergeant, his co-workers were already in celebratory mood. The smiling Sgt. Thomas’ face greeted the team with great expectations. He said: “I have been praying for something like this to happen for a long time. And the choice of FREE Internet for a LIFETIME suits me fine. This is for my kids. They will benefit tremendously from this prize.”

The LIME team did not have to leave the office at Halifax Street office to meet Shelinda Cyrus-Nero. Shelinda is a cashier at the People’s Pharmacy and will, herself, cash in on a lifetime of free Internet from LIME. The New Montrose resident won her prize when she activated Talk 24. She was delighted at winning the prize particularly because of the kids in the neighborhood who are less fortunate.

“The kids around will gather at my gate to cash in free wireless and I am happy my prayers came through. My kids just got laptops from the government program and will now enjoy the best Internet service for FREE. You can’t ask for anything better,” said Cyrus-Nero.

The LIFETIME promotions will see a total of 21 lucky customers winning LIFETIME prizes. Twenty customers will win fixed line, broadband and mobile prizes and one customer will receive all three services bundled FREE for a LIFETIME. Customers who top up, pay their bills in full and on time and purchase products and services during the promotion period qualify to win the lifetime prizes.