Brewery holds first-ever Hairoun Beer caravan
December 30, 2011
Brewery holds first-ever Hairoun Beer caravan

Vincentians can now look forward to the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd trucks passing through their communities to deliver gifts and Hairoun products on an annual basis, following the success of the first ever caravan that was held on Christmas Eve.{{more}}

On December 24, beginning at 11:00 am, the Hairoun Beer caravan took to the streets of the Windward side of the mainland, bearing gifts and various products that were distributed to residents. Regional Commercial Manager for the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd, Shafia London, told SEARCHLIGHT that the caravan, which was the first of its kind to be undertaken by the company was “overwhelmingly successful”.

“We were very happy to do it, and persons were very pleased and happy to receive gifts from Hairoun. Persons had the opportunity to buy their last minute drinks,” London said. Starting from Sandy Bay, travelling south to Kingstown, the caravan was scheduled to pass through sixteen communities, which included Orange Hill, Georgetown, Byrea, South Rivers, Park Hill, Diamonds, Lauders, Greiggs, Richland Park, Mesopotamia, Stubbs, Calliaqua, Glen, Sion Hill and Kingstown. However, according to London, Greiggs was the last stop.

“It was overwhelming with regard to the support and turn out by persons. In fact, we only made it half the way, because we ran out of time, because in some of the communities, we had to stay longer than we anticipated because the people were so much involved in what we were doing.

“We also had to make a lot more stops than we had planned, because we couldn’t pass any of the communities straight,” she added. London explained that St. Vincent Brewery Ltd embarked on the initiative because they felt that Christmas was the time of giving and it was the perfect opportunity for Hairoun to give back to the community.

“We know that during Christmas, a lot of Hairoun products are consumed and so we felt it was a perfect opportunity for us to meet with persons and show them that Hairoun will continue to provide good products as tradition and to let them know we are out there giving back to the community…”

During the convoy, persons were treated to free Hairoun Beer and Vitamalt, amongst other goodies, prizes and giveaways. Hairoun products were also available for sale from the caravan to cater to those persons who were not fully stocked up on their drinks for Christmas Day.

The Regional Commercial Manager also disclosed that the company plans to make the Christmas Eve caravan an annual event.

“Yes, definitely, it is something we want to do every Christmas. We want to continue to give back to the public and we want people to know that Hairoun is there and we support them…

“For those communities we didn’t reach, I know they will be very disappointed, but we will definitely reach into those communities next year,” London said.

It was further revealed that there are plans for a New Year’s caravan that will take place on the Leeward side of the island. London said this will be held during the first week in January.

“We can’t leave out those persons on the Leeward end because we are trying to reach out to as many persons as possible. After all, it is the entire country that has helped Hairoun to become the leader that it is today… and we want to go to the Leeward end and show our gratitude to those persons as well.

She explained that the New Year’s caravan will be done in the same manner as the Christmas Eve caravan.

“We will be distributing gifts and various Hairoun products to persons for the New Years.”