ULP West Kingstown caretaker gives gifts to all wards of the MCMH
December 22, 2011
ULP West Kingstown caretaker gives gifts to all wards of the MCMH

The staff of the Miton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) this week received a bit of Christmas cheer from Unity Labour Party (ULP) caretaker for West Kingstown Michelle Fife and her council members, in the form of cakes donated to all wards of the hospital.{{more}}

The cakes were delivered to the staff of the hospital by Fife, accompanied by representatives of the council and Hospital Administrator Cuthbert Knights on Wednesday December 21, 2011.

Fife told SEARCHLIGHT that the donation is part of an outreach programme put together by executive members of the constituency council of West Kingstown. The main purpose, she said, was to appreciate the staff of the MCMH.

“We believe that the staff of these institutions are the unsung heroes in our society. These are the people that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that these institutions continue to work,” she said, speaking on behalf of the constituency council. Fife added that cakes and beauty products were also donated to the Female Prisons. The cakes were provided by Phillips Bakery, the beauty products by Entrepreneur Christiana May and Ice cream, which was given out to patients at the Pediatric ward, was provided by Frisco.

Fife stated that often the hospital comes under scrutiny as persons may not be satisfied with the service provided, however, the donation of cakes to the wards was an expression of appreciation to the staff, reminding them that they are not forgotten.

Expressing thanks on behalf of the Hospital and the Ministry of Health, Hospital Administrator Cuthbert Knights described the donations as a significant gesture as it was an act of giving and not something that was requested by the hospital.

Knights stated that similar acts of kindness are welcomed by the hospital. The West Kingstown constituency council also donated Christmas lights to the hospital, which according to Knights, will be used to decorate a tree at the front entrance to the hospital, and on several wards to improve the ambiance of the hospital for the Christmas season.