LIAT Cargo back in  business in US territories
December 20, 2011
LIAT Cargo back in business in US territories

LIAT has announced the return of its cargo services to the US territories within its network, the first time the airline is able to move cargo into these countries since the terrorist attacks in the United States in 2001.{{more}}

The company launched its inaugural dedicated all cargo freighter service into San Juan, Puerto Rico last week, with a promise to the shoppers who travel to San Juan and send their goods by boat, that “there is now a much faster and efficient way”. The launch has been described as a significant milestone in the airline’s 56-year history.

Director of Cargo and Quikpak Wilbur Edwards said that in the spirit of the season, not only will LIAT Cargo get shoppers their goods in a timely manner, but also at very attractive introductory rates.

“Presently we are running a Christmas Special on barrels to satisfy the nationals of some territories which give breaks on duties and taxes at Christmas time. For US$100 you can pack a barrel up to 250 pounds,” Edwards explained.

“Apart from the Christmas Special, we expect brisk business throughout the year, as our rates are significantly cheaper than our competitors and more than 50 per cent cheaper at some break points. We invite the business community to make use of our service to ship car parts, food stuff, clothing, and even moderately sized building materials.”

Edwards said that LIAT prepared meticulously for the service; and in addition to meeting all of the government’s requirements, has forged strategic relationships with the following companies: a well-established Cargo Handling Agent – GMD Airline Services, Cargo Terminal, Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. Telephone: 787-791-5838; a General Sales Agent – JAM Cargo Sales. Telephone: 787-451-7836; a local Forwarder, Keith Baird, whom shoppers from the islands can call to have their shipments picked up and delivered to the cargo handler at the airport. Telephone: 787-409-4725.

LIAT’s Country Manager in San Juan Sadie Boneta-Rittenhouse said she and her team are ready to serve LIAT’s existing and prospective customers.

“We were waiting for this for a long time and we have worked many hours to make sure that the service to our clients will be second to none,” Mrs. Boneta-Rittenhouse said. “We have worked with GMD before; they are very experienced and we are pleased to have them as well as the General Sales Agent and the Forwarder assisting us with the cargo services.”

LIAT launched its dedicated freighter service in February 2011. The company’s dedicated freighter aircraft has a capacity of 7,500 pounds.