Surveillance cameras, Wireless Internet, payphones soon at several Tourist sites
December 9, 2011

Surveillance cameras, Wireless Internet, payphones soon at several Tourist sites

Several tourist sites across St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be equipped with wireless Internet, payphones and surveillance cameras, in an effort to aid in the development of the tourism and telecommunications sectors across the country.{{more}}

The project will be undertaken by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) in collaboration with the Universal Service Fund and LIME. A contract signing ceremony was held on Friday, December 2, 2011, at the National Insurance Services Conference Room.

According to Universal Service Fund (USF) Administrator Kyron Duncan, the project will not only see the installation of wireless Internet, payphones and surveillance cameras at tourist sites, but on beaches and along the Windward and Leeward highways of St. Vincent. The Grenadine island of Mayreau will also benefit from the project.

Duncan stated that the project will cost $1,337,332.37 and will run for five years. He added that LIME, which was successful in its bid to be the service provider of the project, will be responsible for the maintenance of the project.

Duncan added that equipment will be installed at the Vermont Nature Trail, the Cumberland Nature Trail, the Layou Petroglyphs, the Botanical Garden, the Wallilabou Recreational Park, Owia Salt Pond, Youremei, La Soufriere, Black Point, Rawacou and Belmont lookout.

Payphones will be installed at these locations, and wireless Internet access will be available at several beaches, including Indian Bay, Villa Bay, and beaches on Mayreau.

Payphones will also be installed in areas along the Windward and Leeward highway, including Argyle, Rabbacca, Overland New Sandy Bay, Fancy, Mount Wynne, Richmond Beach and Belle Isle.

Duncan stated that the payphones will be equipped with 24 hour surveillance cameras to aid in the security of the payphones and to deter vandalism.

General Manager of LIME Leslie Jack, delivering remarks at the ceremony, stated that the successful deployment of this project will strengthen the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority’s mandate to provide an attractive, accessible and secure tourist site.

Jack, describing a day as a historic one, also mentioned that LIME has successfully completed the installation of Internet access to learning resource centres across St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He added that they are 95 per cent complete in equipping 107 schools with wireless Internet. Jack also commended the LIME team attached to the project.

Also addressing the ceremony, Director of National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority Andrew Wilson stated that the project will bring added value in terms of the operation of the sites.

Stating that some parks are remotely located and not serviced by any Internet provider, Wilson added that the project will impact positively on the management of parks for the safety of the visitors.

“A project such as this provides the means and platform to market and promote ourselves as a destination and site with facilities and amenities attractive to the consumer.” Wilson said.

Reflecting on the progress of technology, keynote speaker Director of Telecommunication, Science and Special Projects Dr Jerrol Thompson mentioned the improvements in technology in education.

He mentioned several ideas for the improvement of telecommunication systems within the country, including the establishment of a wireless system out at sea which will allow signals to be picked up in the event a person is lost at sea.(OS)