Heavy rains uproot  massive boulder in the Casson Hill area
November 15, 2011

Heavy rains uproot massive boulder in the Casson Hill area

Overnight rain wreaked havoc on the north eastern coast of mainland St. Vincent last Thursday, November 10, causing some roads to become impassible due to landslides.{{more}}

Brian George, Chief Executive Officer of the Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) said on Thursday, November 10 that cleanup crews had gone to Owia and Fancy to clear roads.

The weather was also blamed for dislodging a massive boulder in the Casson Hill area, reminding motorists of the potential danger which exists along some roads throughout the country, particularly during or after torrential rains.

“This problem has been here for years,” George told SEARCHLIGHT.

He explained that the boulder may have been held in place by roots and may have come loose over time.

The moisture from the overnight rains dislodged it, he explained.

“But you will have that from time to time, particularly in the Sion Hill area”, BRAGSA’s CEO continued.

“We just have to address it as it becomes an issue, while still trying to ensure public safety,” he said, adding that there are always a few near misses, but that is because of the terrain.

George gave the assurance, however, that the area is reasonably stable, because of the tree cover; however, there were other vulnerable areas throughout the country that have received the attention of BRAGSA.

But there may not be an immediate solution in sight, as George cited the exorbitant cost to deal with these areas.

“The cost for dealing with them everywhere is a problem,” he said.

For example, to rid the potential risk at Casson Hill, according to George, would mean having to remove the entire embankment, an exercise that would prove too costly he said. (DD)