October 7, 2011
RBTT – Making a difference in a day

As part of their ongoing effort to heighten awareness of the RBC/ RBTT Caribbean Children’s Cancer Fund, the RBTT Bank Caribbean Ltd hosted “What A Difference A Day Makes” last Friday.{{more}}

Members of staff were involved in selling snack plates, with the proceeds going towards the Fund, which provides financial assistance to children under the age of 16 who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Following Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) acquisition of RBTT in June 2008, the RBC/RBTT Caribbean Children’s Cancer Fund was launched in the Caribbean jurisdictions in which RBC/RBTT operates with the theme “Give Hope. Save lives.”

To achieve this bold mission, RBC/RBTT has partnered with the Cancer Treatment Foundation and has committed an annual contribution of US$200,000 up to the year 2013 towards the cost of medical treatment in the fight against Paediatric Cancer.

Staff of RBC and RBTT branches across the Caribbean are also encouraged to get involved in fundraising activities to support the Fund in the fight against this dreaded disease.

RBTT Bank Caribbean Ltd has expressed thanks to everyone who supported the venture by donating or purchasing a snack plate.

For more information about the fund, or to make a donation, please visit any RBTT bank or the website