October 7, 2011
Ezee Radio launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Females between 25 and 49 are at a higher risk of Breast Cancer and almost 25 per cent of all diagnosed cancers in SVG is Breast Cancer. Whilst some persons may not find this figure very alarming,{{more}} Ezee Radio believes that as a station attracting such high female listenership, that it should do its part in educating them about this disease and as such during the month of October, it will be embarking on its breast cancer awareness campaign.

According to Head of Sales and Marketing of the SVG Broadcasting Corporation, Candice Sealey, most breast cancer awareness messages are at clinics and hospitals, but it is equally important to reach persons before and get them to act by creating a certain level of consciousness about the disease; with that in mind, Ezee Radio decided to collaborate with the Ministry of Health, the Medical Association and various members of the corporate society. Messages that would be highlighted during the campaign include: Early detection can save lives, maintaining good health, each one help one including husbands/boyfriends being supportive.

The campaign will include Radio and TV Public Service Announcements from local breast cancer survivors, doctors as well as females who have a certain level of influence in society because breast cancer awareness should result in changing people’s behaviour – to get them to do yearly mammograms and to increase their breast cancer IQ through knowledge.

Sealey added that with Ezee Radio’s programming style, music and the emotional connection that listeners have with the station, that they are confident that the campaign will make a difference and that they are thrilled to have businesses such as Bickles, Seven Seas, Harmony Investments, Digicel, GCCU and others onboard. Other supporters include the host of Basia, popular regional TV lifestyle magazine program with over 5 million viewers shown also on SVGTV and across the region; support also comes from former Miss Universe and Former Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Wendy Fitz William. The campaign also includes will also be hosting radio quizzes, a lifestyle TV program- Sister Talk, Bake Pink (bake sale) as well as Social Media (EZEE and SVGTV pages where relevant information will be posted.

Each Friday Ezee Radio says ‘Wear it proud- Wear it loud- Wear it pink’! where everyone is asked to wear Pink including businesses, church groups even if it’s just a ribbon; bakeries are encouraged to sell or even giveaway pink pastries and businesses are asked to have pink lights – show support for persons who are struggling with breast cancer and those who have also survived. Persons can also post picsof themslevs or colleagues to the Ezee Radio fan page ( and Ezee Radio will let all of SVG know.