October 7, 2011
Churches to take part in 2011 Bible Festival

A number of churches from around the country are expected to participate in the first round of the preliminaries in the 2011 SVG Independence Bible Festival which begins this evening at the Faith Temple Church in New Montrose from 7.00 pm.{{more}}

The Festival is now into its third year and is being organized by the SVG Gospel Fest Committee under the theme: “Wisdom Through The Word of God”.

Defending champs Apostolic Faith Mission of Bequia will come up against Pillar of Truth Ministry, Sandy Bay Gospel Chapel, Faith Temple Church, Streams of Power Church Sion Hill, Wesleyan Holiness Church Georgetown, Kingdom Life Tabernacle Mesopotamia, Vermont Miracle Tabernacle, Kingdom Life Ministries Kearton’s, Questelles Evangelical Church, Pembroke Pentecostal Church.

The SVG Independence Bible Festival, which was started in 2009, consists of six rounds of Biblical Quizzes, Impromptu Speech and Bible Boxing. All questions will come from the Authorized King James version of the Bible.

The six rounds of Biblical quizzes will include: General Knowledge; Women in the Bible; An Encounter with Jesus; Name the Place; Finish this verse; Bible study.

The impromptu speech will be on topical social and religious issues, with participants having two minutes to make presentations. While churches will face off against each other quoting scripture verses in Bible Boxing.

The SVG Gospel Fest Committee says that the SVG Independence Bible Festival was developed to encourage persons to read and study the Word of God as recorded in the Bible for healthy spiritual development and effective Christian service as well as to increase the frequency, variety and quality of Christian activities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Finals of the Festival will take place on Sunday, October 16, at the Faith Temple Church when the top five churches will compete for various prizes and trophies.