October 7, 2011
CCA Limited refurbishes Canouan Government School

The Canouan Government School has been refurbished by CCA Limited, at a cost of EC$350,000.00.{{more}}

The restoration work, which was done with the blessings of the Ministry of Education, was done during the July/ August vacation.

The project included the fixing of broken walkways and walls; tiling all classroom floors; fixing and replacement of fans and air-conditioning units, and the painting of the school inside and out. Maintenance to toilets and plumbing was also carried out.

The broken retaining wall was demolished and re-constructed, including an extra area. The school was entirely fenced, with gates installed at the front and back entrances. Two parking areas were constructed for teachers and visitors to the school. Extensive landscaping was put in place on the school grounds and surrounding areas of the school. A 12 foot road was prepared and cast in concrete to provide a secondary exit from the school.

According to a release from CCA, a play-ground area was designated and play-ground equipment will be installed from staff donations through charity events held by C.C.A. Limited.

The release said: “C.C.A. Limited General Manager and Chief Operating Officer C.R.D. Holding Elena Korach endorses the continued support from the Ministry of Education, in an effort to make a difference in the lives of the children of Canouan, the future of Canouan.

“It is the intention of C.C.A. Limited and C.R.D. Holding to provide continued support to the Canouan Government School during the year, with different sports and educational programmes such as Tennis and Cricket. C.R.D. Holding will support the school feeding programme as well as after school classes for children in need of additional help.

“The renewed interest in the development of the children has already manifested itself in C.C.A. Limited’s support for the Pan Against Crime Programme, in the installation of a Pan Tutor, Ms. Colette Myers, by C.C.A. Limited to teach anyone on Canouan willing to learn to play the pan. C.C.A. Limited has also in conjunction with the Pan Against Crime Committee agreed to sponsor the Pan Side on Canouan at a cost of EC$21,000.00 this year.”