October 4, 2011
‘Never once did you tell me I could not be a priest’

26-year-old Bahamian, Kari Xavier Marcelle was ordained and consecrated priest on Thursday, September 29.{{more}}

The ordination, which took place at the St. George’s Cathedral in Kingtown, was presided over by the Lord Bishop of the Windward Islands, the Right Reverend C. Leopold Friday.

Marcelle’s welcome to the priesthood was witnessed by his mother, and visiting clergy: The Venerable Ivan R. Browne of the Diocese of the Bahamas, Reverend Father Gregory Gibson of the Diocese of Barbados, Rev. Fr. Von Watson, also of the Diocese of Barbados, Father Christopher Kelly of the Diocese of Huron, Canada and Reverened Andrew Hoyte of the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago.

Delivering the sermon, Reverend Canon Ashton M. Francis, Rector of the St Joseph’s Parish Church, Mesopotamia, urged Marcelle to interact with not only Anglicans, but persons of all faiths and demoninations. “Interact not only with friends, but the foes as well…It will be foolish of you to befriend all, but it will be considered wise if you just be friendly to all…,” Francis stated.

He further beseeched the young priest to interact with people of God, taking no note of colour, creed, class or age. Doing this, Francis said, will enable Marcelle to become a better minister.

“Proclaim the word of God by practising what you preach. Preach the word of God as it will be revealed to you, even when you stand condemned by it…,” Reverend Francis encouraged.

In ‘thank you’ notes posted in the order of service, Marcelle thanked those closest to him. He thanked his mother for providing him with encouragement and support from the very beginning. “Never once did you tell me I could not be a priest, but always did your best to make sure my vocation and dreams became a reality…,” Marcelle wrote.

He also thanked God, family members and Godparents, Canon Otis Nichols and his parish family of St Paul’s Parish Church and all of his friends, those in St. Vincent, as well as those who travelled all the way from Bahamas, Barbados, Canada and the United States to witness and celebrate his holy occasion.(KW)