September 30, 2011
LIME encourages businesses to embrace new technologies

LIME, this country’s premium business solutions telecommunications provider, teamed up with Avaya and hosted a business forum in the form of a cocktail at the Grenadine House Hotel last Thursday, September 22.{{more}}

The theme of the product forum was “The Power of We”. This concept enables Avaya to make collaboration more natural, enable customers to better share ideas, understand the context of discussions, and ultimately make decisions faster. The “Power of We” focuses on developing technologies that enable teams to work together easily in a synchronized and collaborative way delivering an outcome greater than the sum of the parts.

Delivering the welcome address, LIME’s Head of Corporate Sales Cicyln Joseph encouraged the many business owners and entrepreneurs present to embrace the new and emerging technologies that Avaya has brought to market. “LIME is pleased to partner with various suppliers in its quest to add value to its customers. In the business space we partner with world class suppliers such as Ericson, Wuwaie, RIM, CISCO, Mitel, and AVAYA. Our focus is on transforming people’s lives and businesses we serve. We seek to provide a quality of service that is cost effective, enhances productivity and enable efficiencies for both the consumer and business space”, said Joseph.

Feature presenter and Avaya’s Sales Representative Hurval Wray presented different telecommunication solutions for small businesses and showed how they can achieve efficiency, mobility and style all in one package. One significant feature of the new technologies highlighted was the cost savings and the unifying features of the Avaya solutions. “Our solutions don’t have fans, hard drives and moving parts that increase electricity cost. Our solutions can run voice, data and television on one platform. The bottleneck in business is no longer the access to information; it’s the ability to connect the right people together with the right information at the right time to make smarter decisions, faster, in real time. True collaboration is the missing element that is needed to break through the information overload to deliver actual business progress. Enabling effective collaboration is the difference between a thriving business and one that stagnates,” said Wray.

Members of the business community were given a demonstration of the powerful and user-friendly systems sold by Avaya and how it can fit into any organisation.

Avaya is one of the leading telecommunications system providers. They manufacture and install PBX systems and software with functionality for those who wish to be connected at the office from home to those who wish to be connected at all times.