Road repairs to begin in few weeks, says PM Gonsalves
September 20, 2011
Road repairs to begin in few weeks, says PM Gonsalves

Vincentian motorists can expect to see some improvement in road conditions in the next few weeks.{{more}}

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has announced that money has been allocated to patch and resurface some of the country’s damaged roads.

During a press briefing at Cabinet Room last Friday, the Prime Minister said before his visit to Cuba two weeks ago, he had made the arrangements for Cabinet to approve EC$5 million to be awarded to BRAGSA – (Roads, Building, and General Services Authority).

Prior to that, Gonsalves said that $2 million had been allocated to do road cleaning and some patching for the months of August and September.

“This $5 million will now take us into the month of November to do further patching of the roads. I want to indicate to the traveling public that I know that many of the roads are not in a good condition,” the PM said.

The $5 million dollars, according to Dr. Gonsalves, “is not going to do the patching or the resurfacing for every piece of the road in the country that is required to be done.

“Even if I had $10 million to provide, rather than the 5, $10 million dollars worth of work will not be done before the end of the year. This is because there are a limited number of persons who can actually be engaged in asphalt work, some can do concrete and some can do drains etc…”

Some motorists, particularly those traveling along the Leeward highway, have described the condition of the roads as deplorable and costly.

“I am tired of buying shocks for my car now man, and it’s because the road bad and like nothing. Too long now the road want fix,” one concerned vehicle owner who travels from Campden Park to Kingstown on a daily basis, said.

Gonsalves, however, urged the public to be more appreciative, because “even if you have a large sum of money, and $5 million is not to be sneezed at, it is a significant sum of money to do a number of important pieces of road.”

It was also revealed by the Prime Minister that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BRAGSA, will, at the appropriate time, make the announcements regarding which roads will be done.

“I want for forbearance that we are going to do our best on an ongoing basis to do the repairs.

“This last quarter of the year, I am hoping a number of persons will get some road jobs. We are hoping to see improvements on the roads and I want to remind motorists that this is a very expensive business of fixing roads!”

The Prime Minister also said that for his government to find $5 million to do road work in these rough economic times, “is a very strong indication of how we feel about the conditions of the roads.”(AA)