September 20, 2011
Killing of Sharpes man is ‘an inhumane act of cowardice’: the NCCP

The National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP) has condemned the killing of Anthony “Brassy” Nero, a 51-year-old man of Redemption Sharpes.{{more}}

A release from the NCCP offered condolences to the family, friends and community of Redemption Sharpes. The NCCP said it considers the crime ‘an inhumane act of cowardice’.

“The NCCP is concerned at the way that Mr. Nero was dehumanized by his killer or killers,” the release said.

“The NCCP will continue to educate citizens on non- violent ways and means of resolving conflict. The Department is satisfied that the ‘relevant authorities will continue to address and tackle violence, and will relentlessly pursue people committing such crimes, with an effort to, in the shortest possible time restore the peace and tranquility of our blessed land.”