September 20, 2011
Consumers now paying less at the pump

The price of gasolene at the pump has fallen by 20 cents.{{more}}

Effective yesterday, Monday, September 19, the retail price of gasolene was reduced to $15.10 per gallon, down from $15.30.

The Price Control (Amendment) (No. 7) Order 2011, which came into force yesterday states that the price of dieselene is now $13.77 per gallon, up from $13.45.

Kerosene is now being retailed at a price of $13.03 a gallon, a reduction of 22 cents from the previous price of $13.25.

The last time there was a change in the price of diesel, gasoline and kerosene was on Monday, June 20, 2011, when the retail prices of all of these fuels increased by 4 per cent.