September 16, 2011
Nero family in shock after gruesome find

Tuesday, September 13, 2011, was a day of horror and weeping for the Nero family of Redemption Sharpes.{{more}}

The family was greeted with news, just after midday, that the body of their loved one, Anthony Nero had been found after he had been missing for almost one month.

When the body was discovered, SEARCHLIGHT visited the location and met with some members of the deceased family, one of whom was Ruthlyn Nero, sister of Anthony.

Ruthlyn was standing among the gathered crowd, crying, but took the time to relate her feelings to SEARCHLIGHT.

“I was at work and heard the news, so I called my other sisters and told them I heard that they found my brother in the toilet dead,” an emotional Ruthlyn said.

The depressed sister revealed that it was when residents

from Green Hill started complaining about a horrible scent that persons started speculating that it was the body of her late bother.

“Persons from Green Hill told me that they were smelling a stinking scent up to last week, and were assuming that they cover him (Anthony) under the concrete, because they were no longer smelling the scent.

It is often said that losing a child is one of the hardest situations for any parent, and for Cecelia Nero, the mother of Anthony, September 13 will now be remembered as a day of sorrow.

“I am not feeling well because every time I remember him, water comes out my eyes,” was all the mother could mutter before she broke down in tears.

Up to press time, police were still carrying out investigations into the discovery of partially decomposed body of Anthony ‘Brassy’ Nero.