Lillian: My brother will have to bear the consequences of his actions
September 16, 2011
Lillian: My brother will have to bear the consequences of his actions

Many persons in the Chateaubelair, Fitzhughes and Petit Bordel areas of North Leeward are expressing shock and dismay over Tuesday’s shooting at Campden Park, which left two dead, one critically wounded, another nursing wounds and the perpetrator in police custody.{{more}}

The accused, George Franklyn, originally hails from Fitzhughes. He was looked upon as an ambitious homeboy, whose success was an inspiration to the youths in the community.

One Chateaubelair businessman told SEARCHLIGHT that he is really disappointed with Franklyn, also known as Premier and Chocolate.

“Imagine in the late 80s when everyone was running to the hills in search of quick money, Premier took the legitimate road and went to work in Mustique. He could a gone to bush like everybody was doing at the time,” the businessman explained.

Vel, Franklyn’s older sister, told SEARCHLIGHT that Chocolate was four years old and his sister Lillian was two years old when their mother died.

“I was 11 and I had to help raise him. He was always ambitious and wanted to travel and take himself out of poverty. We are a close knit family, and we were all proud of him, but what he has done now is heart wrenching and my prayers go out to all the families affected by this tragedy,” Vel said.

Vel said that last Sunday around 10:00 pm, her brother called and told her that “Lyn” (his wife, Ingrid Jack-Franklyn) was going to throw him out. Vel said that she told him that Lyn was right and that he needs to get a job, as he can’t leave the strain on her alone. Vel said he then told her that he loves her and that she should tell Lilly, Kay and all the children that he loves them, too, and they should take care of Sophie for him. Vel said that she didn’t find that strange, as he always said those things to her, as he was never afraid to express himself even as a little boy.

“Ingrid was a great person and a wonderful sister in law. Nothing was too good for her to give. My brother should have never laid a finger on her, much more kill her,” a distraught Vel said. My brother will have to bear the consequences of his actions and my heart goes out to the families,” Vel further stated.

Lillian Franklyn, George’s younger sister, said that she spoke to her brother about a month ago when he called and gave her some phone credit.

“He sounded ok, and if something is wrong, Ingrid usually calls, but we had no idea that things got so bad to end this way,” Lillian said.

Lillian told SEARCHLIGHT that her brother was always ambitious.

“Now that he done pass the worst and took himself out of poverty and made something of himself, look what he gone and do,” a tearful Lillian moaned.

Many persons in nearby Petit Bordel are also shocked by the event as Ingrid Jack originates there. After the 1979 Soufriere eruption, many North Leeward families settled in Campden Park, Ottley Hall and Trigger Ridge area; Jack’s family was one of those.(TY)