September 16, 2011
Brother says his sister never complained to him

If there were any problems between Ingrid Jack-Franklyn and her husband George Franklyn, Ingrid’s family did not know about it.{{more}}

That is according to the deceased woman’s older brother Nolly, who said that there was, as far as he was aware, no evidence of domestic violence or abuse perpetrated by Franklyn, who shot his wife to death on Tuesday this week.

“If she know that she had problems, she woulda done tell we and we woulda find a solution about it, but she never said nothing to we, so there was nothing we could do.”

“She never share any information with me, I never ask her nothing, I never get involved except for yesterday morning, she meet me when I was coming from beach, and all she tell me is she fed up ah she husband, and she going file divorce.

“I say ok and she go home. That’s the first time for the past four years that she talk to me on that level.”

Jack said he received information sometime after eight on Tuesday, informing him that his brother-in-law had run through his house, and fired shots at one of his tenants.

He said he later learned that his sister and Marva James were killed by Franklyn.

Jack said he regarded his sister, the last of seven children, as a peaceful person, who gave willingly and assisted the less fortunate in the village.

At the time of her death, Ingrid was employed at the East Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC).

Prior to that, she was an employee of telecommunications company LIME.

He said that his heart went out to the family of James, and said that he was at a loss to understand why she was shot.

“I don’t see the reason that woman get dead innocent. For nothing. She was sitting in the porch drinking tea, I get to understand. It’s a place she is always sitting down.”

Jack said that he is disappointed at the death of his sister, lamenting the fact there was nothing he could have done to prevent the tragedy that befell both families, and changed the lives of all of the community forever.

“She done gone and there is nothing else I could do,” he said.(JJ)