Singing with the Stars winners crowned
September 13, 2011
Singing with the Stars winners crowned

Organizers of the top locally produced television program Singing with the Stars last week crowned three season one winners.{{more}}

On Saturday, September 3, patrons of Singing with the Stars Kids edition witnessed the crowning of 12-year-old Haliah Telesford King of Edinboro and Sheruel Williams, 10, of Georgetown as joint winners of the finals, which took place at Bickles downtown restaurant.

Williams and King both received the approval of the many fans who cheered for the young singers in a too close to call showdown.

Williams performed ‘The Climb’ originally performed by Miley Cyrus, while King did a rendition of ‘Pray’ by Justin Bieber, on their way to taking the top spot.

The other finalists of the six-week summer program, which was sponsored by Bickles, Jujube Bookstore, Premier Distributors and Vitamalt were Shaniah Webb, Jerique John, Jada and Geronimo Ross, Pallavi Browne and Celicia Bowens.

The young ladies received gifts from the sponsors, including food and book vouchers, snacks and trophies among others gifts.

Also on winner’s row last Wednesday August 31, was Rohan Morgan, who took home the title of season one adult winner.

Morgan beat out a field of nine other competitors to take the number one spot, with his rendition of The one I Loved Back Then, originally performed by George Jones.

The event, sponsored by SEARCHLIGHT, Sunsail, Uptown International Gonsalves Liquors, Hairoun and Karib Cable, saw Neroy Sam and Janice Cumberbatch taking the second position and Wayne James placing third.

The winners also received gifts and prizes from their sponsors, including free Internet and a day cruise.

Organizers say that the top performers are to be featured in upcoming concerts, and season two is scheduled to hit television screens soon.(JJ)