It’s like comparing apples to grapes, says Cummings
September 13, 2011
It’s like comparing apples to grapes, says Cummings

To compare the actions of Parliamentary Representative for West Kingstown Daniel Cummings and those of the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Hans King is like comparing apples to grapes.{{more}}

So says Cummings, as he commented on, and compared his assault on a religious institution, to what he considered as King’s death threat to businessman Bryan Alexander, just under a month ago.

Cummings, speaking with Tony Regisford, host of IK TV’s television show ‘Unrendered’, last Sunday evening, said that when he hurled stones at a church during a service on May 25, 1999, he was taking the law into his own hands.

The then manager of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) said that he was provoked into action, as compared with King, who may have drawn conclusions when he read comments made by Alexander on the social network Facebook, which caused him to act incomprehensibly.

“Here is a real life situation where people broke the law. The police were called several times and warned them. The matter went before the Commissioner of Police twice; it went before the Prime Minister (and) nothing happened; and I decided as a citizen that I have rights.”

“And I went further and called the police and told them what I did, with the deliberate intention for them to arrest me….”

In Midweek SEARCHLIGHT of August 19, 2011, King said that he had contemplated killing Alexander, whose Facebook page contained posts surrounding an incident at the Buccama Resort, which King believed were leveled at him and were defamatory.

Of this scenario, Cummings noted that there was no evidence of direct references to King, therefore he should not have issued the threat, which, he said is a very serious matter.

Admitting that he was not Facebook savvy, Cummins said that he saw the posts and that he saw nothing that should have led King to react in the way he did.

He also said that he had heard the contents of a telephone conversation between Alexander and King, which to him, sounded like a threat against Alexander.

“It’s the most stupid reaction from somebody I’ve ever seen… even if there was something in it, why didn’t you take legal action? Why go to the extreme? Prosecute the people if they are defaming you.”

“I dare him to point any thing in any of those comments that spoke to him. He may have drawn conclusions; why? I don’t know.”

Stating that both men are human, Cummings said that there was nothing in what the Press Secretary or his employer Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves have said so far to indicate that he (King) had made a mistake.