September 13, 2011

Hairoun Bars Karaoke competition begins Saturday

The Hairoun Best of the Bars Karaoke competition will begin with a preliminary to take place on Saturday, October 1, at the Calliaqua Culture Pot Square.{{more}}

The Semi-finals will be held on Saturday, October 29, at the Calliaqua Hard Court and the Finals on Saturday November 14, at the Calliaqua Hard Court. All shows are expected to begin at 8:30 pm.

There will also be a show on the Grenadine Island of Bequia, on Saturday, November 5th, where three finalists will be selected to join seven finalists from the mainland. From those ten finalists, three will be selected to travel to Barbados from November 23 to 30 to participate in the Best of the Bars Karaoke Caribbean. The top three positions will receive US$10,000 and a Blackberry Torch, 2nd Position US$3000 and a Blackberry Torch and 3rd Position US$2000 and a Blackberry Torch.

The St. Vincent leg of the show is sponsored by St Vincent Brewery, with the show called “Hairoun Best of Bars Karaoke (St. Vincent)”.

The top three positions in the local leg will receive cash prizes: 1st Position EC$1000, 2nd Position EC$750, and 3rd Position EC$500, and other gifts.

The final of the show in St. Vincent will be covered, filmed and broadcast live on TEMPO Channel 42.

The Caribbean Best of the Bars Karaoke is a Regional Karaoke Competition which was started in Barbados. The competition involves 9 Caribbean countries, with St Vincent and the Grenadines making number 10.