September 13, 2011
Hair stylists attend SoftSheen-Carson training workshop

Over 60 persons, most of them hair stylists and those aspiring to the profession, were the beneficiaries of an interactive training session last Sunday, compliments hair care manufacturer SoftSheen-Carson.{{more}}

The workshop, which included hands on application and mini shows by hair models, was broken into two segments, the first of which introduced the Optimum Advanced Keratin Whipped Creme Relaxer system. The afternoon’s session introduced the all-female participants to the “Shape Shifter” cutting technique.

The new Optimum Advanced Keratin Whipped Creme Relaxer system is being touted as the biggest innovation in relaxers in decades. The products, which come in very attractive packaging, will only be sold to professionals, for exclusive use in salons. The system is made up of eight components, including the relaxer, gel scalp protector, Ph recovery creme conditioner (which is used before the neutralizing shampoo), neutralizing shampoo and keratin sealing leave in conditioner.

The relaxer is odorless and is said to contain 25 per cent less Sodium Hydroxide (lye) than other relaxers. The manufacturers say this lower lye content still results in straight hair, but hair that is stronger. Other benefits of the system is a patented complex which infuses Keratin into the hair as well as an infusion of Argan and Coconut oils.

The high-powered team of trainers was led by tricologist Dr. Hyacinth Oates of Jamaica. Dr Oates, the lead technical educator consultant with SoftSheen-Carson, is also a Master Assessor under the Jamaica National Council on Technical Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET) and for the Commonwealth countries. The other trainers were Jamaican Sislyn Foster, a member of the SoftSheen technical team and local veteran stylist Augustine Sutherland.

The team presented three models whose hair was relaxed using the new relaxer system. During the session, another model’s hair was relaxed to ensure that the enthusiastic participants understood the correct use of each of the system components.

Stanley Bailey, Managing Director of The Modern Place, local agent for SoftSheen-Carson, opened the workshop with a prayer and thanked the participants for coming. He expressed his delight at the turnout, saying that up to the end of last week, he was worried about the attendance.

All participants at the workshop walked away with a kit containing all the components of the system, including high gloss spray and flexible holding spray, also part of the Optimum Advanced line.

The team from Jamaica also included Fitzroy Ferguson, Manager of Professional Marketing at SoftSheen-Carson.