September 13, 2011
COP Miller – The community should be the eyes and ears of the Police Force

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller believes it is the duty of all Vincentians to hold him, along with the men and women under his command, accountable for their actions.{{more}}

Miller, addressing the opening of the newly constructed Georgetown Police Station last Tuesday, September 6, called on members of the community and surroundings, as well as the nation as a whole, to be the eyes and ears of security officials, not only regarding the upkeep of police stations and buildings, but also the behaviour of police officers.

Commenting on a recent editorial in SEARCHLIGHT which questioned the policing of the constabulary, in light of what appears to be an increase in police officers being charged with criminal offences, Miller called on the public to assist in the monitoring of his subordinates.

“Just over the weekend I read the editorial in the SEARCHLIGHT and it asked who will guard the guards. I think it is our responsibility, not only as members of the police force to help us guard the guards. It is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure that we as police men and women do what is right.”

“You have a responsibility to oversee what we do and what we do not do; and our responsibility is to ensure that we stay within the framework of the law.”

According to Miller, the members of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force are unable to ensure the safety of the community on their own, and he called on the public to partner with his officers to ensure their communities are safe.

“I am appealing to you as I did in other districts when we opened stations; please be our eyes and ears…. Help us police your district. I want you to help us to be good citizens.”(JJ)