September 9, 2011
Nicole Joseph wins five months free cable service!

In these rough economic times, some persons are seeking additional help, while others are just wishing for ‘better days’, but for Nicole Joseph, it only took two entries in the Karibe Cable’s ‘Pay to Win’ promotion.{{more}}

On Tuesday, September 6, SEARCHLIGHT met up with Joseph at Karib Cable’s office in Kingstown, where she was awarded five months free cable service.

Joseph’s luck came following her entry in the cable providers promotion ‘Pay to Win’.

“I felt excited when I was contacted and informed that I was the winner. These are very challenging times and any additional help is welcome. This was the first time I’ve won any of their promotions,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

The mother of three further revealed that it was her wish to win one of the promotions.

“Every voucher I received, I filled out and dropped in the entry box. However, this is my second voucher I’ve returned, and I won!”

Karib Cable Marketing Executive Vance Garraway explained that each time a customer pays their account, they are given an entry form that is to be filled out and dropped into the promotional box located at the Karib Cable office at Frenches Gate.

Garraway revealed that a draw is done once per month, which allows one lucky customer to win a prize. However, these monthly promotions lead up to the grand prize draw scheduled for December 31, where the first prize winner receives a 50 inch plasma television and 6 months free cable.

There have been three draws since the start of the promotion. The first winner was Alice Anderson who won a shopping spree valued EC$500 at Randy’s Supermarket. Susan Pope of Lowmans Windward won the second draw and was awarded an EC$500 gift voucher for school supplies at JAX.

The next draw will see one lucky customer receiving at least five months free Internet.

When asked why is Karib Cable being so generous, the Marketing Executive responded: “It was about time we gave back something because at the end of the day, we are one of the leading Internet and cable providers in SVG, and this is our way of thanking our customers for the generosity and the support they have given to us over the years.

“Karib Cable is a monthly bill, and we don’t just want customers to be paying. We want to give back something in return, so it is our way of thanking out customers for being part of the Karib Cable family,” Garraway added.

Garraway disclosed that over 1,200 entries were received last month for the promotion.

“Unfortunately, there can only be one monthly winner, but we’re still encouraging all customers to fill out the forms and drop them in the entry box at our office at Frenches Gate, and who knows, you might just be the next lucky person to win,” a jovial Garraway expressed.