September 9, 2011
Medical students white robed

Four Vincentians were among 30 students who were robed, and recited the Hippocratic Oath, at the 10th White Coat Ceremony of the Trinity School of Medicine.{{more}}

The Vincentians: Chris Da Silva, Franke Joseph, Richelle Neverson and Veronique Walker, joined other medical students from the Bahamas, Canada and the United States at the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown, where they symbolically started their journey into the medical profession.

The students were congratulated for reaching thus far in their studies by school Chancellor Steve Wilson, Dean of Caribbean Studies Dr. Edward Johnson, and Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who also welcomed the international students to the country.

Dr. Gonsalves, in his presentation, invited the students to consider St. Vincent and the Grenadines their second home, and noted that the school has the potential of becoming one of the most outstanding medical schools in the Caribbean.

The feature address was delivered by Dr. Mark Williams, Chief Medical Office of BioCritica at the Indiana School of Medicine.

Dr. Williams urged the students to focus on their patients during their careers, and to learn to deal with a number of significant issues as they progress on their journey, which he described as ‘crossing the T’s’: vulnerability, mortality/morbidity, humility, credibility, uncertainty, diversity, spirituality and empathy.

Williams joined this country’s Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne in robing the students who were being recognized at the ceremony.

The students then recited the Hippocratic Oath; the oath taken by doctors and other medical practitioners, swearing to practice medicine ethically.

They were led by Radiologist Dr. Rosalind Ambrose.

This is the tenth ceremony to be held in St. Vincent, since the school opened its doors here in 2008.(JJ)