September 9, 2011
COP holds prayer and worship session for police officers

With a handful of police officers finding themselves on the wrong side of the law recently, Commissioner of Police (COP) Keith Miller is trying to get the local constabulary back on the right path.{{more}}

In an effort to achieve this goal, a prayer and worship evening was held on Friday, September 2, in the yard of the Central Police Station in Kingstown.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, the COP noted that the service was geared towards reaching out to the Lord to continue to cover, guide and protect the police officers.

“We are having some unfortunate situations with the arresting of officers and some slipping away from the correct pathway… We just want to ask God to bring us back in line,” Miller said.

At the first service of its kind to be held in the yard of the Central Police Station, Miller invited a number of persons to speak to the lawmen, including Pastor George Frederick and Pastor Aldon Bess.(KW)