September 9, 2011
Baptiste: Nothing comes easily…

“Nothing comes easily. You have to stick to it and become committed.”{{more}}

So says former Culture Minister René Baptise.

Baptiste, who was at the time addressing the young graduates at the recently held Sion Hill Euphonium graduation ceremony, encouraged the young people to remain committed to pan music and press on and excel in the art form, as this can help in their academic pursuits.

Putting the focus on individuals such as Rondney Small and Rejaun Baptiste, students at the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies, Baptiste described the two as ideal examples.

According to the former Culture Minister, Small and Baptiste who both play the steel pan, continue to excel academically, despite being involved in playing music.

“This is their final year, and they are doing wonderful work in Jamaica. They’ve also journeyed over to Cuba for our Independence celebrations to keep the flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines flying high overseas, and they continue to do their work with distinction,” Baptise proclaimed.

“I am hoping that more young people will find it possible to have this love for music so high on their agenda that they will want to pursue it as a career,” she added.

Not losing sight on the importance of education, the former Minister explained to the youngsters that they should not give up playing, for example, the steel pan, if they are pursuing subjects.

“I think that music helps you along the way, and a lot of the young people who have excelled beyond our expectation, they will tell you that the music and the sports have indeed helped them in their academic pursuits,” Baptiste said.

Earlier this year, Rodney and Rejaun were featured performers at the Jamaica School of Music 50th Annniversary Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration.(AA)