September 6, 2011
Nature Care Agape Theatre is keeping marble pitching alive

Instead of the routine summer programs every year, the Nature Care Agape Theatre decided to treat the children to something new this year.{{more}}

The first of its kind in St. Vincent, the group hosted a Marble pitching competition, which kicked off on Saturday, August 13, in Spring Village.

Organiser, Kevin Roderiguez said the aim of the marble pitching competition is to expose the children to something new. He also added that they aim to bring more communities together and to keep the art of marble pitching alive throughout different communities.

The competition comprises various teams and categories.

In the Team category, Star Boys out pitched their opponents Young Bones and Gaza to win the first round. The shining team for Star Boys comprised Corey Millington, Oniel Gloster and Derold Samuel.

Star Boys led the pack with 24 points, Young Bones trailed in second place with 18 points and Gaza rounded off the top 3 with 13 points.

The Individuals category was divided into Distance and Marble Pool.

In the Distance category Alero Williams from Young Bones pitched past eleven players to capture the top spot, followed by O’Neil Gloster of Star Boys andMclean of Young Bones in third place.

In the Marble Pool category, the fingers of O’Neil Gloster were on fire as he set ablaze 12 games to win the Marble Pool.

In the seniors group of the Marble pool category, Casnel Morris knocked out Kish Millington by a score of three to 1.

Winners from the competition of August 13 will move on the represent Spring Village in the finals on the September 3, in Chateaubelair.

This competition is sponsored by Nature Care SVG, Courts SVG Ltd and Minards Mini Mart, and will come to a close on September 10.