August 30, 2011
Vincy in New York demands apology on behalf of her mother

A Vincentian woman resident in the United States is demanding an apology on behalf of her mother.{{more}}

The woman, who resides in New York, believes it was her mother’s alertness and tenacity which triggered the investigation at the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), which, according to reports reaching SEARCHLIGHT, has so far revealed evidence which seems to point to misappropriation of government funds in excess of EC$100,000.

The woman said that a few weeks ago, her mother went to pay her taxes for 2011 and was told she owed for 2010 also. The older woman, who was adamant that she had already paid for 2010, finally gave in when clerks at the Inland Revenue Department insisted that she was in arrears. She said it was even said that she was old, and perhaps senile.

“They picked on the wrong ‘old’ person. And they charged her interest too! What riled her is when she was explaining to them that she already paid, they suggested that she was senile,” the daughter said.

The daughter said when her mother returned home, she searched until she found the receipt for 2010. When she did, she returned it to the IRD.

Last week, a reliable source told SEARCHLIGHT that officials at the IRD first became suspicious that funds may have been misappropriated when a discrepancy with a receipt was identified. This discovery led to other checks, which turned up irregularities spanning a period of about two years.

The receipt with the discrepancy is believed to be that of the senior citizen.

In addition to the apology, the New York based Vincentian is also demanding a full refund of the double payment taxes and interest her mother was made to pay for 2010.