August 30, 2011
85 students graduate from Police Kids Summer Programme

Participants of the Police Kids Summer Programme displayed their excellent musical skills last week, as they graduated from the summer programme.{{more}}

A total of 85 students received certificates from the programme which taught students how to play instruments such as the violin, guitar, saxophone, steel pan, trumpet and keyboard, among others. A closing ceremony was held on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, at the Old Montrose Police Station.

The students displayed their talents as the audience of parents and police officers looked on with pleased expressions on their faces. Renditions in song were performd by the “Amazing Girls” as well as “Anonymous Wonderers” amateur girl group formed during the summer programme.

Trumpet, saxophone, guitar and recorder instrumentals were also done and Assistant Commissioner of Police Michael Charles explored his love for Country and Western music, as he also performed with guitar during the closing ceremony.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Commissioner of Police Keith Miller commended band master Station Sergeant Bernard Haynes, who led the programme this year. He added that the performances of the students were a testament of all that they have learnt throughout the programme.

Station Sergeant Haynes, also making comments, stated that a band was formed out of the programme and requested from Commissioner Miller that the band travel with the Police Band during concerts.

Miller, addressing the audience, also asked parents permission to allow their children to travel with the band, adding that the police will provide transportation arrangements for the children.

The ceremony also heard remarks from a few parents. The summer programme, in its fourth year of operation, began on Monday, July 18, 2011.