August 26, 2011
SVGCC introduces Associate Degree Course in Fine Art and Design from September

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) has announced the delivery of an exciting new Associate Degree Course commencing September 2011.{{more}}

The Associate Degree in Fine Art, Design and Cultural Communications (FADCC) is a full-time course that builds on the excellent results established by the GCSE Cambridge A-Level Art and Design program established in 2001.

This recent addition to an expanding Associate Degree Program at SVGCC has been embraced wholeheartedly by Director of Colleges Dr. Joel Warrican, who sees the course as a “flagship programme”.

The FADCC course places students on a career path in the rapidly emerging creative sector through the first stage of academic achievement in the design professions and is equivalent to half the credit requirements of a bachelor’s degree program.

It is suitable for those interested in practicing professionally in more than one area of the creative arts, becoming creative educators and/or creative entrepreneurs. Elective course units provide the student further opportunity to apply their creative knowledge to social and community settings such as art education, radio broadcasting, art exhibitions, environmental art, mural art and design for sustainable development.

For the past ten years, the SVGCC Department of Art and Design has provided a stimulating environment that develops students’ confidence, interpersonal and organizational skills necessary for the workplace, borne out by the 100% pass rate in the Cambridge A-Level exam and the high level of employment of the graduates- all currently employed, or engaged in further study overseas. Six former graduates of the programme have returned from Canada, US, Cuba and Barbados with first class honours degrees determined to contribute to cultural development.

Art Lecturer Vonnie Roudette, who has designed the course, sees it as “presenting exciting possibilities for an increasing number of youngsters who want degree level qualification in the arts, but may not have the opportunity to study overseas. This course will produce a cadre of creative practitioners to serve their communities in new and exciting ways.”

Apart from gaining productive livelihoods, Roudette sees future graduates providing creative solutions to socio/economic challenges and encourages students to work cooperatively. “A creative attitude is open to new possibilities and perspectives; we can utilise creativity in working together to develop ourselves, improve the lives of others and earn a living- that is what great art and design is all about!”

For application forms and FADCC course brochure, please contact the Registrar’s Office, SVG Community College, Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies, Villa. Tel. 784 457 5403.