August 26, 2011
Mother to hold candlelight march commemorating daughter’s death

Colleen Ollivierre intends to commemorate the anniversary of her daughter’s death with a candlelight march and rally for peace in Kingstown on Friday, September 2.{{more}}

Ollivierre’s daughter Kellisha and five other women were killed on September 3, 2010, in a fire in Barbados.

The twenty-four year old perished in a fire set by robbers after they threw a fire bomb into the boutique where she worked in Bridgetown, trapping her and the other women.

But Colleen said she wants to be strong, and she is determined to show the people of this nation that they can make a difference in the situation as it relates to crime.

“Every weekend somebody starring in the newspaper dying by knife, gun whatever, and I think is time we as a nation come together and see if we can make a change and the show the young people that they have a purpose,” Ollivierre told SEARCHLIGHT.

God did not put young people here by accident, she contended.

“The purpose for this rally is one mother cry, all mothers cry,” she explained, adding that the nation had a part to play.

There are a lot of young people on the blocks who need love; they need someone to talk to, and they all come from a home, Ollivierre said.

“If they don’t get those things they become involved in gang-related activity or other things that they know they shouldn’t be doing,” she continued.

“So I am celebrating my daughter’s death. Although it is going to be painful, I am trying to send a message to the nation.”

The theme of the planned rally and march, according to Ollivierre, is ‘We can make a change; we can make a difference’ and will feature a number of church leaders and groups, and will involve the Police.

Ollivierre said that she wants people to reflect and to change their attitude.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she believes that she is fulfilling her daughter’s unfinished tasks.

And that the idea came to her that if the young people refuse to come to hear the Word, she will be taking the Word to them.

The activity is set to begin at 5:30 pm. (DD)