August 26, 2011
IHS planning grand celebration next year

Plans are now underway for a grand celebration next year, for past students of the Intermediate High School.{{more}}

Dubbed the I.H.S Reunion 2012, the activities are scheduled to take place from June 28 to July 7 for graduates from the classes of 1991 to 1995.

Some past students have come together to plan the celebrations, and have established a Planning Committee, headed by Keisha Phillips as Chairperson; Reynold Francis – Vice Chairperson; Arlitha John-Scott – Secretary; Andra Keizer – Assistant Secretary; Canute Myers – Treasurer; and Committee Members in Shanna Cunningham and former teacher at the school, Candace Ferdinand.

The I.H.S Reunion 2012 will be held under the theme, “Strengthening Bonds Forever True”. The activities will kick off with a Creole Night on June 28; River Lime – June 30; Church Service – July 1; Reunion Dinner and Dance – July 6; and a Boat Ride on July 7.

The Committee has already started to mobilize past students of the school and has started a Facebook Page: Intermediate High School Reunion 2012 (1991-1995).

Phillips says the reunion is long overdue.

“This is the opinion of everyone we have spoken with so far, and already the responses that we are getting have so overwhelmed us. We started planning for this celebration but did not expect this level of response. Our Facebook chat group already has over 100 members and more people are joining us daily.”

She says that based on the responses they hope that they would also be able to revive the school’s past students’ association or start a new alumni that will work closely with the staff and students of the school to rebuild its image.

“The Intermediate High School has molded thousands of men and women over the years, but I think that many of us have forgotten this. Today it is painful to see that people look down on the Intermediate High School and students seem to take no pride in being part of the institution. Hence, we are hoping that the 2012 reunion will be the beginning of something new for us and the school itself.”

Over the next few months the Committee will also be hosting fund-raising activities. For more information interested persons can contact members of the Committee.