August 23, 2011
Miller – Increase in number of Trinidadian criminals entering the state

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller says he is doing all within his power to face the challenge of a number of Trinidadian criminals entering these shores.{{more}}

“We have been seeing an influx of Trinidad criminals, undesirables and fugitives frequenting our shores…,” Miller said, while addressing some members of the local constabulary at the Old Montrose Police Station last Friday, August 19.

“When they are arrested and we ask for their history, I’m sure you are aware of their serious convictions or matters for which they have been arrested,” Miller noted.

Miller said a common trend is being observed, which requires police officers to step up their game.

“You can’t operate as usual and because of that, we’re ensuring here in St Vincent that we are preparing ourselves to deal with the challenges ahead,” Miller asserted.