August 19, 2011
Pink Metal – Carving a niche in world of fashion

When Loren Jackson and Nashida White struggled to find satisfactory accessories to complement their outfits for an all-inclusive party last December, they did not do what most would and settle for whatever they could find.{{more}}

Instead, they had the clever idea to make their own!

“They were too expensive, and we thought we could do things better than that,” said 24-year-old White.

Party-goers were suitably impressed with the duo’s designs and, naturally, a demand for ones like them was created.

White added: “People liked what they saw, and then we continued with that!”

And so their label Pink Metal was born.

Currently, the designer duo make bib necklaces, wrap bangles, earrings, decorative vests, chain necklaces, hair bows and fascinators.

Their customer base not only includes Vincentian buyers, but also those from Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, the USA and the UK.

Twenty-three-year-old Jackson and her design partner White are both graduates of the SVG Community College. Jackson is currently in training to join the UK Navy, and White is a 2nd-year nursing student.

The duo also have ambitions of expanding their business to include clothing and lingerie.

Jackson, an Arnos Vale resident, admitted that they already dabble in making clothes, but only for their own use.

“We will get there!” she promised.

“When we get to that stage, we want to be absolutely perfect.”

And the label seems well on its way to that goal, widening its expertise through varied exposure.

Pink Metal has shown its accessories at several fashion shows, including the recent ‘Stiletto’ held on July 30 at the Solidarity Car Park.

The label has provided accessories for the Elizabeth Browne Child Development Centre graduation ceremony; Carnival Monday T-shirt band ‘The Network’; and last Saturday accessorised an entire bridal party.

And more excitingly, their accessories were sported by Vincentian Antoinell Keizer when she travelled to Germany in March 2011 to compete in the Top Model of the World pageant.

Jackson said that although it is often a challenge to source a wide variety of materials, and that it is frustrating not yet being able to afford to rent a boutique where customers can browse, they remain passionate about what they are doing.

“We want to keep producing stuff, not just for the money, but for fashion’s sake,” she said.

White, a Richmond Hill resident, summed up the brand succinctly: “…soft, flirty, edgy and chic… we have a penchant for anything sparkly, attention-grabbing and colourful. We create… to make you swoon!”

Pink Metal accessories can be seen by visiting the label’s Facebook page (search for ‘Pink Metal’), or visiting the Stepping Out boutique on the second floor of the Sprott Building.