August 19, 2011
Code for Prosecutors launch a significant landmark, says Williams

The newly launched Code for Prosecutors should enable more transparency within the justice system.{{more}}

This was relayed by several speakers during the launch of the Code for Prosecutors, which took place at the House of Assembly Chamber on Tuesday, August 16, 2011.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Collin Williams in his welcoming remarks highlighted that the launch of the code was the most significant landmark for the office of the DPP.

He added that it will facilitate decisions which are fair and just, decisions that are consistent and decisions that can stand up to scrutiny. Williams added that decisions made by prosecutors can be reviewed and analyzed as documented by the Code, to ensure greater transparency.

Giving the featured address, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Economic, Planning, National Security and Legal Affairs Ralph Gonsalves congratulated the office of the DPP for the launch of the Code. He also thanked Daniel Suter and Karl Burrows of the British High Commission for their contribution towards the preparation of the code.

Gonsalves stated that it is the first time within the OECS that there is a modern Code for Prosecutors published. He added that several Caribbean countries such as Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica do not have one, while the one in St. Lucia is not modernized.

Gonsalves added that the code cannot be seen in isolation to the overall governing of the country and that it should be connected with the overall strengthening of the government and society.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Carl Williams, Crown Counsel, stated that the code will provide more transparency. He added that the code will also ensure that prosecutors perform their important responsibilities according to highest ethical standard. Duane Daniel, a private practitioner, making remarks, stated that it is important that the code is adhered to. He added that workshops should be conducted to assist investigators; he also added that public interest must also be satisfied in the execution of the code.

Criminal Justice Advisor to the Eastern Caribbean in the British High Commission Daniel Suter also making remarks stated that the decisions taken by prosecutors may affect the lives of others. Therefore, great care must be taken, and the right decision must be taken.

Karl Burrows, Resident High Commissioner of the British High Commission, extended congratulations on behalf of the British government to the Prime Minister, DPP and Attorney General on being the first OECS country to lauch the Code for prosecutors.

The code for prosecutors for SVG includes information on the Application of the Code, Decision Making, The Role and Ethics of the Prosecutor, Bail, Trial Fairness, Appeals and the Prosecutor and the Media, as well as other content.(OS)