Uncle Luke’s Kids Club  summer programme launched
August 16, 2011
Uncle Luke’s Kids Club summer programme launched

The inaugural Uncle Luke’s Kids Club summer programme got underway on Monday, August 8.{{more}}

And, for the three weeks following, participants will be involved in activities, including craft and sport; but the main focus will be on agriculture.

The theme for the summer programme is ‘Acres of Diamonds’ and, according to Luke Browne, founder of the Kids Club, this is in an attempt to show some of the nation’s youth that there is treasure to be found around them.

Browne added that it was important to change the negative mindset that most young people have on agriculture.

“We know very well that some children around and outside East Kingstown don’t have the opportunity to practice agriculture,” he explained.

“You might think that you are limited by not having a large enough garden, but this summer programme is designed to remove some of the constraints and limitations and expose all who are willing to an avenue to ensure not only that they develop, but that the country develops as well,” Browne continued.

Senator and Deputy Speaker of the House David Browne spoke of the negative connotation associated with agriculture.

Browne, a successful farmer before entering the political arena, said that agriculture was not considered to be a prominent career.

“It is not one of the fields that we will put up front such as medicine, accounting and law, and we realize that this is becoming a growing problem in the country,” he said.

Browne was of the opinion that young people needed to be encouraged more to get involved in agriculture.

The club was officially formed earlier this year and, according to Luke Browne, the objective is to bring children of the community together to get involved in positive activities that will contribute to their all-round development.