August 5, 2011
NEMO – No major damage caused by torrential rain

Word coming from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is that there has been no significant structural damage or loss of life during the passage of the weather system which brought with it torrential rain earlier this week,{{more}} according to Houlda Peters, Deputy Director (Ag) of NEMO who said that based on the preliminary figures coming in, there were also no reports of persons that were forced to move from their homes.

She did indicate that there were 27 landslides reported and a total of 15 reports coming in of flooding.

“These are preliminary figures, the physical planning unit are currently conducting assessments to create a more detailed report,” Peters explained.

Roxtanne Millington, Communication Officer with the Roads, Bridges and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) confirmed flooding in areas of Campden Park, Buccament, Questelles, parts of Layou and Arnos Vale.

Millington issued some advice to the general public to refrain from dumping garbage and trimmings into the drains.

She said that from looking at the flooding which occurred at the E.T Joshua airport, the flooding occurred as a result of pieces of debris that got caught along the grills which then forced the water to flow outside the designated area and onto the streets.