KCCU awards four scholarships
August 5, 2011
KCCU awards four scholarships

Students were reminded of their responsibilities and their rights to education as the Kingstown Co-operative Credit Union (KCCU) awarded successful Common Entrance Examinations (CEE) students at their annual Scholarship Award Ceremony.{{more}}

The KCCU awarded four students: Leis Olliverre, Jessica Prescott, Zoria Shallow and Whitney Humphrey, former students of the Windsor, Kingstown Preparatory, Marriaqua Government and Park Hill Government primary schools respectively with scholarships of EC$1,000 each.

Justin Thomas of the Richland Park SDA Primary and Mikhail Browne of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School received bursaries of EC$600 each. Other successful applicants received $150 cash awards for being successful in the CEE.

Giving the feature address at the event, Director of Planning and Methodist local preacher Laura Anthony-Browne informed the students that they have a right to an education, which is a right is extended to every human being.

She also urged the students to exploit to the fullest all the opportunities that are provided for them in your secondary education, adding that students must expect to receive a good quality education and expect that there will be proper facilities and teachers in place to deliver such education.

Anthony-Browne stated that with these rights come responsibilities. A student’s first responsibility is to attend school. She stated that sometimes you travel around the country and notice children of school age, during school hours, who are not in school. She noted that in these instances, children and parents have neglected their responsibility.

She also stated that another responsibility of the student is to obey school rules which include taking care of school property. “Respect them as if they were in your own home,” Anthony-Browne said.

She also emphasized the need to engender a positive attitude, and to have a positive outlook on life.

Also giving brief comments, Senior Education Officer Jacqueline Glasgow Browne congratulated the students on their success as well as the parents and the teachers who supported the students throughout their primary education.

She encouraged the students to not rest on their laurels, but to continue to strive toward even higher levels in their education. She added that the learning experience is a rewarding one.

Jerome Deshong, Vice President of the KCCU also encouraged the students to use this time to be proactive, to spend more time reading and to be focused on their education.

The KCCU increased it annual scholarships to four in 2010. Two scholarships are given based on academic excellence. These scholarships were awarded to Leis Olliverre and Jessica Prescott, while the other two were awarded to Whitney Humphrey and Zoria Shallow, based on socio economic needs. Scholarships are awarded yearly for a five year period.(OS)