Glen Baptist takes its voice to Oklahoma
July 29, 2011
Glen Baptist takes its voice to Oklahoma

The Glen Baptist church is making its voice and presence felt in its immediate community as well as the rest of the world.{{more}}

On Monday, July 18, 2011, the Glen Baptist Church sent a commissioned team of missionaries led by Pastor Sylvester King to Oklahoma in the USA. While in Oklahoma the missionaries will be partnering with the Quail Springs Baptist Church.

The Glen Baptist Church team will be ministering at one of the world’s largest youth camps being conducted this summer in Oklahoma.

Pastor Sylvester King and team will also be involved in a series of business meetings with faith partners and stakeholders in the ministry to assist in the future projections of the Glen Baptist Church vision and development plans. The team returns to St Vincent on August 8, 2011.

Also, on Monday July 18, the Glen Baptist Church started its annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) programme which runs for one week.

This year, a team from the Georgia Baptist Convention in America is being hosted by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Baptist Convention of which the Glen Baptist Church is a member. During the VBS, more than one hundred children and young people have been in attendance daily at the Glen Baptist Church grounds.

The Glen Baptist Church is committed to strengthening the relationships of all Vincentians at home and abroad with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Persons wishing to find out more about the Glen Baptist Church on-going activities can do so by logging on to its website: for more information.