UWI “Moon Ah Shine” to become an annual event
July 26, 2011

UWI “Moon Ah Shine” to become an annual event

The illumination of the moon shone brightly on the entertainers and patrons who attended the University of the West Indies, UWI Open Campus “Moon Ah Shine Pon Me” event on July 15, at the campus grounds.{{more}}

The affair, which was established as a fundraiser to assist students with their fees and to improve the campus soundings, saw entertainers such as Starlift Steel Orchestra, La Gracia Dance Troupe and Methodist Dramatists wow those in attendance.

Head of the institution Dr. Adrian Fraser thanked everyone for supporting the worthy cause and announced that it would become an annual event.

Dr. Fraser pointed out that with the harsh economic times, it had become necessary for students most in need to get assistance to empower themselves and improve their circumstances through education. The Open Campus Chief, however, admitted that students were not the only ones experiencing the financial squeeze, but that the educational institution was also feeling the pinch.

Dr. Fraser however, reinforced that UWI was committed to improving the lives of its students and thanked all who had made the event a success.