July 22, 2011

Avenue Dancers take to stage tomorrow – Aquatic Club

The Aquatic Club will come alive tomorrow night as the Avenues Dancers take the stage in a mini dance and fashion Extravaganza.{{more}}

Founder and Choreographer of the group, Bridget John, promises patrons an “exciting” showcase, come tomorrow.

According to John, patrons will see the young group entertain in dance, fashion and song.

She noted that this show would serve as a prelude for their major production that will be held later in December.

John stated that the group, which is now approximately 60 members strong, had to go through a phase of honing the dance skills of the younger dancers, since the elders had been occupied with CXC studies, and some have even gone abroad.

“We took like three years off and we had to help the younger dancers develop over that time…So come tomorrow, persons will, can expect nothing but the best from the babies,” she added.

Show begins at 7pm.