July 12, 2011
Local Songwriters hone their craft, courtesy Invest SVG

The process of writing quality material to be distributed to international music labels and artists has been a feature of Invest SVG, the local investment promotions agency, in the past few weeks.{{more}}

Following on the heels of two international songwriters’ camps staged at the Beachcombers Hotel, the company planned and executed an all local cast of the activity. The participants, 9 males and 4 females, were involved in the three-day event which took placed at four of the country’s leading musical studios, namely, Master Room, Sky, Colin Browne and Junior Sutherland. The camp was held from May 9 to 17.

According to Mark Cyrus of Master Room Studio, “The event was a success. Several songs were produced. Many of them, in my opinion, can become international hits.” He was particularly impressed with the material developed by Candy, who has demonstrated her exceptional ability to write. To further highlight his satisfaction with the outcome of the camp, Mark was quick to point out the talent he spotted in another young and upcoming songwriter.

Colin Browne and Junior Sutherland were also grateful for the opportunity to facilitate the camp. In his review, Colin expressed the view that the event should be repeated in the near future. Sutherland was also in agreement. They noted that the concept of locals collaborating would definitely help to improve the quality, standard and variety of the music produced for local consumption and international promotion.

During the training period, thirteen songs were produced. These are currently being refined to be sent to Ivan Berry of Tanjola/Universal records, our international partners. Export Development Manager Shanna Browne of Invest SVG said that she is pleased with the songs she heard. She explained that all the songs were written with an international audience in mind. Speaking about the possibility of any of the songs getting picked up by a successful recording artist, Shanna was very optimistic.

Browne explained that cultural and more specifically, music tourism could become a viable economic activity for Vincentians. Her views were based on the successes of two local songwriters who have received contracts with Tanjola. Another achievement, according to Browne, came in the form of an international internship in music production for a recent participant in the camps. With Midem 2012 scheduled for Cannes, France, Invest SVG is hoping to showcase the work of local producers, writers and recording artists. “Invest SVG will be looking to stage another camp later in the year,” stated Browne.

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