LIME making a big  difference to Vincy Mas
July 8, 2011

LIME making a big difference to Vincy Mas

Super Platinum sponsor for Vincy Mas LIME must take credit for its contribution in making the Vincy Mas 2011 “The Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean”.{{more}} The journey started on launch day, May 7, when the company sponsored two trucks making whistle stops from both sides of the island.

Five rural Carnivals, including South Leeward, South Rivers, Calliaqua, Mespo and North Windward all came in for special attention from the leading telecommunications provider. These rural events saw massive crowd participation, and with some very special touches from LIME in terms of venue decorations and giveaways at the events.

The massive Heritage Square launch has become a regular feature on the Carnival calendar.

Other significant features of this year’s Carnival were the internet streaming of several shows and the midday and afternoon concerts on the LIME Promenade to promote several Carnival shows.

One noticeable and commendable addition to this year’s event on the promenade was the “Who didn’t make it Soca Monarch” competition. This show received great reviews and LIME has committed to making it even better in 2012.

Beside the revelry and celebrations, LIME customers took advantage of the Carnival Sweepstakes which provided opportunities for customers to win lots of prizes daily and a grand prize is still at stake for Ten Thousand dollars ($10000), prize trip for two to Crop Over and Spice Mas to be drawn on July 8.

This year was even sweeter because Fireman Hooper, out of the LIME Soca Dans crew, won the Soca Monarch title for the seventh time, beating Skinny Fabulous into second place. He also placed second for the Road March title with his hit song “Animal”.

The trademark event, however, was the LIME Monday T-shirt advertising band. This year the company again embarked on the mission to expose our music to other Caribbean cultures. The Group RDX of Jamaica, Shal Marshall out of T&T and Soca Monarch and Road March Champion Otis from Grenada all graced the truck and performed for arguably, the largest crowd ever to be in a Monday band since the rebirth of the Monday advertising t-shirt band. Thousands of “Soca Animal” jumped for hours to the music of local and regional artistes.

“This collaboration of different cultures is yet another example that LIME is a true One Caribbean company, and we have to match our words with our action. The mission here is to get Vincy music into the Caribbean diaspora, and getting other popular musicians to assist us with the mission. You might be amazed to know that RDX has not been exposed to anything like this before. These guys are now willing to work with local artistes to get their music out”, said General Manager Angus Steele.

Andre Bedward, member of RDX, commented: “This is my first Carnival, and I love it. I have performed for massive crowds before, and this is a memorable experience for me. One I will never forget. I have never had so much fun in my life, and I want to thank LIME for affording me the opportunity to entertain the Vincentians. I love the “Animal” rhythm.”

This is the second time that LIME Soca Dans and the regional artistes are collaborating. Last year QQ, WCK, Lavaman and Benji wowed the Vincentian audience with their show on the road with the LIME Monday band.